Friday, November 26, 2010

New song Cheryl Cole – The Flood

Cheryl Cole decided that it is appropriate to promote only play decent (in my opinion, yes - they are subjective) on the acclaimed album too Messy Little raindrops.: The Ballad of Flood-j, because we talk about it, is a piece of category "We Love Natalie Imbruglia - pop-rock, many metaphors, but quite clear in terms of melody.: -? Video filmed for this track came a few hours ago and we delight in a series of images melancholy - Cheryl beautiful fawn on a beach, staff are quite dark, and costumes are kinda ... neutral. (Do not stand out) Good job Cheryl!


  1. I'm not a big fan of her but I love that song.

    x helena

  2. she is such a beauty tho!

  3. ive never heard of this artist before. what a cute song :) this video reminds me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind <3


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