Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wish list

December 2010

I still wait for Santa Claus. I still decorated the christmas tree. I still pack gifts for those dear to me. I still do endless list of desires. All this because once in the year is Christmas, braiding wonderful red, white and green, cakes, smiles, snow white and fluffy, and the sound of bells.
When i have 7 years I wanted a new wardrobe for my dolls, now I want a new wardrobe for me.
At 11 I want a winter vacation to last longer and snow, now I no longer want to snow, but I want to spend more time with loved ones.
At 15 I want a boy in grade 12, to look at me. Now I wish that my love story was never ends.
At age 20 I wanted to see Italy, now I want to see the globe

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